Find Out About Me!

ma·ri·na (/məˈrēnə/)
1. of the sea. 2. a specially designed harbour with moorings for pleasure craft and small boats.

Fourth Year Professional Writing and History Major I’ve got a wonderful case of wanderlust and a penchant for writing things down. I’m also a freelance makeup artist and a coffee enthusiast.

* For business inquiries (or general inquiry) please contact me at

How old are you? 25
Where do you live? Ontario, Canada
Do you have any pets? Yes! My fluffy dog, Bailey. He’s a cockapoo
Favourite Colour? Red
How long have you been writing? Ever since I new the alphabet
How long have you been freelancing in makeup? Since 2009
Favourite author/ poet? Author: Sebastian Faulks/ Jane Austen. Poet: John Keats
What about music? I cannot possibly say what my favourite music is. My tastes vary so widely!
Favourite movie? The Princess Bride.


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